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by Avian

Dese iz da past updates done ta der page listed nearly from da beginning.


Ooops, seems like I forgot to post a note about the previous update, though this one is about an expansion to the previous article, so that should be all right. Over the last couple of weeks, I have uploaded my card-based terrain generation system plus a total of THREE expansions to this. This is a reworking of a system I came up with late 2009 and uses two sets of cards to generate varied and balanced terrain setups for your gaming tables. Not only that, but it is about as quick as a terrain generation system can be, which is always a plus as I reckon it. The system is generic and can easily be adapted to most gaming systems.

First update in nine months. There are several reasons for this, the two main ones being that with 8th edition on the horizon, I didn't want to put a lot of effort into articles that might be outdated soon (unsurprisingly, a ton of articles are just that) and my wife and I had our first baby, a lovely little girl. Combined, they are the reason for a lack of updates. However, things are now more or less back on track and the site will be updated again. The first things to get a make-over are the calculations articles, since they are easiest to do. Tactics articles will follow in time.

It's been nearly two months since the last update, which is really far too long, but I've just not had the inspiration, sadly. A few days ago, however, a poster on one of the forums I frequent asked me to find the odds for casting the new 25+ spell the Skaven have got in their new army book. So I did, I think I even did it correctly and you can check it out in the Caating Spells in 7th edition article under Calculations. While I was at it, I also wrote down my suggested rules for Wyrdspawn, a beastie that was in the Mark of Chaos game and which is essentially a Sorcerer turned into a Spawn. I haven't actually played that game, but I gave it what I thought was appropriate rules.

I suddenly discovered that it was time for another update, so I hurriedly cobbled togheter a little combat performance script for Marauders on foot (I am now feeling the urge to get more of the little gits with great weapons).

This week's update features a couple of suggested unit rules, this time for Marauder Chariots (who used to be a unit in the army back in 5th edition) and skirmishing Marauder Axemen (who show up in the Mark of Chaos computer game).

It's Tzeentch's day today (09/09/09) and to celebrate, I have added a combat performance script for chaos warriors!

This time it has been terrain making projects that got the better of me, leaving me little time both to work on the website and to paint models. There should be some tutorials for that up in the not too distant future. For now, then, you will have to settle for some suggested updated rules for Chosen Knights of Chaos in this edition of the game.

I've been somewhat busy the last few weeks - not counting a reasonably long biking trip, I have been lazing around in various places far from home - thus I haven't had a lot of time to write. Instead I thought I would upload an article about the Mark of Tzeentch which I wrote for an ezine some time ago. As so often happens with ezines, the people behind it had more enthusiasm (at least to begin with) than sense, and so the whole thing crashed after a few month and before my article could be printed. Ho hum.

Much quicker this time, even if I attempted to tackle the subject of all the various cavalry mounts in Warhammer today. It would have been on time, too, if I hadn't decided to do an article devoted to just a single Chaos Gift, the Tendrils of Tzeentch. This required first making a little script to do all the dull work for me and then making some graphics I hope you will find visually pleasing. I even managed to correct a couple of things in the article on the odds of casting spells in general, which had been left for years without me or anyone else spotting them. How embarassing! In other news I have finished the first stage of my Warriors of Chaos army and it now consists of more than 2500 pts worth of units and characters, painted up in around 9 months. I should be getting some pictures up of them in the following weeks. There might be other things as well, though I am undecided on that at the moment.

It took rather longer than I expected, but then Chaos Warrior units and characters is a rather big subject to handle. As a little bonus for keeping you waiting so long, I have updated the Ogre units and characters tactica with some thoughts on the new Chaos Ogres. Next up will be something on cavalry mounts and other small stuff I have been thinking about for some time now.

An update to my article on big stuff, adding all the monsters of the Warriors of Chaos army along with Dragon Ogres. I will make a further update at some later time to add in the monstrous characters, such as Galrauch and Kholek, but as I don't really care much about special characters that might take a little while. Expect Warrior units next.

Two new articles, though one was really updated two weeks ago and I forgot to tell you about it. The first is about running campaigns, concentrating on the challenges of map campaigns (which I greatly enjoy, but which require a good deal of thought beforehand) and an article on Marauder units and characters. This will be the first in a long series of Warriors of Chaos tactics articles, though since it is only one at the moment it hasn't gotten its own section yet. Hopefully there should be another one in one or two weeks concentrating either on the actual warriors or the bigger beasties.

As you will probably have noticed if you have visited my site before, it is now on a different server and I have my own little domain name - I've been planning this for some time now and it is great to finally have a place of my own, so to speak. I have to apologise for not having done anything else on the site for almost a year and that quite a few of the scripts stopped working some months back. It was due to a software update and really not my fault. ;) Hopefully there should be some more updates in the near future, including some continuing clean-up of the code. Thank you for visiting!

In the regular update I have added a tactica for greenskin elite infantry, which is to say Black Orcs and Big 'Uns on foot. I have also fixed some quite major bugs in the combat simulator, which should now actually work. Additionally, I have added functionality for mounts.

A quick update: I have cobbled together a combat simulator that actually fights a round of combat between two units one thousand times and displays the results.

The series of campaign articles continues with an update of our local Mighty Empires variant and a little article on how to generate a random map using the Mighty Empires rules. Next week should see the final campaign article in a while and then it will be a bit of tactics.

Good stuff this week as I bring you some pics of a trio of Black Orc characters. Not only that, but there is an article on a simple little two-player map campaign for those who want to play those but have had no set of campaign rules to use up until now!

This update is a bit late as I have been quite busy lately. The new article this time is a fairly lengthy one about running tournaments, which I have done a lot over the years and I thought it would be time to share my experiences with other people.

Looks like tuesdays might be the new day for updates. Due to being busy organizing a tournament this weekend (I'll write up an article on this at some point) I haven't gotten a lot of stuff written, so instead I have added a gallery page for some oddball greenskin stuff.

Another week, another update. This time a rather long overdue update of my article on the modified Mighty Empires rules used in our local map campaign. Alongside this, I have also added some pictures of my converted Trolls to my greesnkins special & rare units gallery.

Back from my Easter holidays and I have a new article on stripping paint and some more pics of my greenskin special units (my new Black Orcs and some bullies). Next update should be back on track.

After I have started to field a couple of units of Arrer Boyz in my 'Ard Boyz themed list a lot lately, friends have claimed that I have gone from hating the Error Boyz to loving them, so I thought it was time for an update of my old article on greenskins with bows. I have also uploaded our fourth set of local map campaign rules, which were the last ones before we started playing a variant of Mighty Empires last year (look out for an update of my ME article soon). Additionally, I have uploaded some work-in-progress pics of the Black Orcs I have finally gotten around to starting on (in the WIP gallery section, naturally).

This time the update consists of some new pictures of my greenskin Core units and a bit on the third map campaign we ran up here. In related news I have now gotten my talons on some more whisky (a 12 year-old Glenfiddich, which to be honest was a bit disappointing) and so next week should have some tactics articles again.

For this week's update, I have a slight update on the Big Stuff tactics article (adding stuff on Gigantic Spiders, Great Cave Squigs and Wyverns) along with the second map campaign we ran here. Next week will see some more pics of units I have finished.

Hurrah! We Iz Orcs is now eight years old (and better than ever, just like last birthday!). Updates for this week include an updated article on making movement trays (now with stuff on magnetic trays) and a bit on the very first map campaign we played here. Oh, and I cobbled together a little script to show my work in progress pictures in the gallery section.

I had the bright idea of making a lot of my old rule projects more accessible to people, so instead of converting everything to php-code, I instead made a little script for displaying file downloads, which is much more convenient for me. As a first go, I have uploaded my latest version of the scenario generator (with expansions), along with rules for sieges and ships.

Hurrah! New layout all installed and ready, and almost a week before the site's birthday!. In celebration, I have uploaded a couple of old variant army lists I wrote to the Rules section. With the new functions installed I could for the first time get an idea of how much stuff I had on the site and I was a bit shocked to discover that there were almost 150 articles here.

No new articles in this week's update, instead the page gets a face lift for its eight year birthday. A lot of old pages have had some long-overdue updates (some were still in htm-format) and the front page has been streamlined with the removal of links to individual articles. Instead the categories have all been extended and improved upon, making the whole thing look a lot less messy. This is just the beginning and the next couple of weeks should see more improvements to the layout and design of this page.

For this week's update, I have added a selection of greenskin lists fitting for a mounted theme, which is what I played last season. Currently I'm playing an 'Ard Boyz style list, so in the summer there will be something on that.

Finally an update in the new year. This time it's pictures of a couple of my Orc characters (Warbosses on wyvern and on boar) as well as some old Boar Boyz I finally got around to updating.

Hurrah! We've passed 30,000 visits in almost exactly 14 months. Go me! For this special occasion I have updated my article on greenskin themes with a lengthy bit about running mounted greenskin lists, which is what I have been doing these last six months. In the new year it will be time to run an 'Ard Boyz list, 7th edition style.

I've added some (well, lots of) pics of my converted Shaman in Wolf Chariot to my gobbo characters gallery and also added some pics of my first unit of Spider Riders (it only took me 15 months to get them done) to the Core units gallery, as well as some pics of my poor, unimpressive Giant. Haven't decided on next week's update yet.

This week's update is a tactics article that does not concern itself with tactics on the unit level, but instead of on the army level (what some people call 'strategy'). Richly illustrated with graphics, I hope people will find it useful. Next week's update should be back on schedule and will probably be more pictures.

For this week's update I have uploaded some more pics into my galleries, of a Savage Orc Big Boss in chariot conversion, as well as an older unit of Wolf Riders and a Wolf Chariot. Next update should be more tactics!

This update is a little late, but then compiling a history of all the different incarnations of the greenskin army list was a rather momentous undertaking.

For the update this week I have some new additions to my gallery, namely some characters and units from the mounted army I am currently fielding.

This week's update is a little piece of nostalgia, the first ever Warhammer list I used back in the autumn of 1998. I thought it might be fun to read and it also includes some info on the list back in the old times.

You did not have to wait quite as long for an update this time, but three weeks is still a good deal of time. This time it is a selection of sample army lists, a page that will be expanded in time with more themed lists. With luck the next article should be out next week.
While we're at it, I'd also like to say a big thank you to all who visit this page. I've had the counter running for a year now and it's clocked over 24,000 visits, which is pretty damn impressive and humbling. The number of hits per day seems to have stabilised at around 80 at the moment, and the overall average number of hits keeps steadily creeping towards that number. Go me!

It's actually been a month from the last update now, which is longer than I had hoped, but I've been really busy with the local map campaign and haven't had time to do any writing for the site. Hopefully most of this is done now and it should not be so long until the next update, which may or may not have anything to do with map campaigns.

Joining last week's review of the Mighty Empires set, this week's article is a modified set of Mighty Empires rules, which we will shortly be using in our local campaign. In other news, today is the day that We Iz Orcs reaches 20,000 visits since we started counting less than a year ago. I must say that it has really been cheering to see how popular the site is. Thank you all!

Contrary to earlier promises, this week's update is a review of the Mighty Empires set, which will be the basis for our local map campaign this autumn. Expect more campaign stuff next week.

Annoying I didn't have time to do the promised update before I went away on holiday, so there has been more than a month with no updates at all. Happily we are now back to normal and this week comes with an article on O&G medium cavalry units. The long-promised beginner's article on greenskins should be out next monday.

It has been more than two weeks since the last update, mainly because I have been struggling with a tactics article on infantry, hoping to cover a very wide subject in just a single go (I am not sure I really succeeded), though I have also been having a lot of fun with my themed greenskin army consisting almost exclusively of mounted troops. Normal service should resume next week, with a starter article on collecting Orcs & Goblins.

Shock and horror, this week's update is a day late! I was actually busily tapping away at my keyboard yesterday, hoping to get the update up on time, but I had to go and play (and win) RoboRally. Thus you get the article on greenskin magic items on tuesdays instead of on monday. As a small bonus, I have added the course we played in RoboRally to the RoboRally page, for the benefit of those who own that game.

And for those who have become a little sick of all the wierd ideas for new units and want something actually useful, this week sees a new and rather lengthy tactics article on Waaagh! Magic. The next few weeks should see a couple of more tactics articles, though I have not decided what to write about yet.

This week sees the second little article giving new options for a unit with few of them, this time it is Gnoblar Trappers. It also contains a suggested update for Golgfag Maneater. Next week will have a lengthy article on Waaagh! Magic, as promised.

This week sees the first in a little series of articles suggesting additional options to bring more flavour to an existing unit, in this case the Squig Herds. Additionally, there is also a little page on Munchkin, another game that has nothing to do with Warhammer. Rest assured that it will not always be more rules suggestions, as I am currently working on an article on Greenskin Magic, which should be done about two weeks from now. This will be a return of tactics articles, though I have not decided how many I will write this time around just yet.

We are back on track this week, with a suggestion for Morglum Necksnapper in 7th edition and a little page devoted to a board game called RoboRally which I am a great fan of, but which has nothing to do with Warhammer or Orcs in any way

There were actually complaints about the lack of updates lately, so to please my adoring(?) fans, I naturally quickly wrote down some suggested updates for Borgut Facebeater and the Effigy of Gork which I have been chewing on lately. Neither of these two work well in 7th edition, so I thought I would present my view.

This week's update is a little late, as I have been busy fiddling with the GURPS: Goblins rules to make a crossover setting with Warhammer for it. This is quite amusing, but there is quite a bit of work to be done initially. Some stuff should be up by next week, though.

And now another little script that calculates the odds of being run down as you break and flee from close combat. Personally I have been wondering about the likelihood of this for some time now and so I thought I would throw together some code to calculate it.

This week sees the addition of a lengthy and hopefully comprehensive article on deployment which I have been chewing on for some time now. Next week is Easter so there won't be an update then, but there should be an article or two ready for the week after that.

A slightly delayed update this weeks, as I was busy running a tournament this weekend (watch out for an article on running tournies in the not too distant future). This week's update is a little Gnoblar mini-game I have been working on occasionally for some time but never got around to finishing until now. I'm also working on a slightly similar Ogre game, but having more problems with that, so it might not actually get finished.

This week the weekly update is back on track, with a couple of Ogre Kingdoms units I thought up some time ago, but never got around to typing in. Look out for even more Ogre stuff next week.

The weekly update scheme is already failing a bit, it seems. I wanted to wait a bit until I could upload the new pics of my Goblin Characters to the gallery and unfortunately that took longer than expected. I have also added the start of what will probably be a lengthy article on using themed greenskin armies. The first entry is for all-Goblin armies, which is what I am using at the moment. When I tire of this, I will switch to an all-mounted list, see how that goes and make an entry for that as well. Next week's update should hopefully be back on schedule (i.e. I should have it up by monday) and will probably be some old almost-finished stuff I haven't got around to putting the finishing touches to yet.

I will see if a system with one (or thereabouts) new or updated article every monday works. Judging by experience it won't, but it might be different this time. This week's article: Savage Orc tactics. Stay tuned for next week's update, which will probably be something completely different and you might also get some pics of the gobbo characters I am working on at the moment.

Happy birtday, We Iz Orcs! Sevens years old and better than ever! Hurrah!

It has gone two weeks since the last update and I have uploaded pics of some of my Goblin characters and some Fanatics. This is jus the start, though, as I am working on ten more Goblin characters that are to be painted or re-painted, and that's just the ones on foot!

I've done a minor update to all the greenskin combat scripts, that lets you choose a number of greenies fighting other than 5. Added to this I've also added a script for Savage Orcs (basically copy and paste from the Orc Boyz one). The Savage Orc tactics article is still some way off, as I am busily painting and converting up some gobbo characters for my army.

Added pic of the latest Night Goblin unit to the O&G core units gallery.

As you can see, there has been some design alterations here the last couple of days, in preparation for the site's seventh birthday in the middle of february (I'll be writing an article detailing the history of We Iz Orcs as well for this). As the number of articles kept growing the old method became increasingly messy and you had very little oversight. This should hopefully work well for some time at least. I debated making a sort of dynamic expandable menu thingy, but it seems to be a bit awkward to do this in php and and I am clueless in javascripting. I believe and hope that this is a decent way of doing things and I will also be adding a few more details to the system over the next weeks.

Added article on Black Orc units and characters. Next up is Savage Orcs and that should be it for tactics for a while.

Updated the article on Orc units and characters for 7th edition

Finished the article on Night Goblin units and characters. I've also cobbled together a little script for generating illustrations for my pages, and several tactics articles have already been made much clearer as a result of this.

Added an article on the uses and abuses of Night Goblin Fanatics. Watch out for a general article on Night Goblin units and characters soon!

The website has been a bit unstable the last couple of days, with the php-stuff not working for some reason. Having found my new combat script working quite well, I have added variants for Black Orcs, Goblin cavalry and Orc cavalry. I have also updated my O&G core gallery with pics of my new NG archers, that I painted during the holidays.

Another couple of articles up, one a general tactics article for Battle Standard Bearers and a little script for pitting goblin infantry against various other units. I am working on making the combat scripts more adaptable, as they inherit a lot of functions from a parent script. Watch out for more similar scripts in the near future!

Not really much of an update, but I've cobbled together a more general script to handle index sub-pages in an effort to cut back on the number of different files floating around. First up with the new system is an index of O&G tactics and I have also converted the old Ogre Kingdoms Tactics index page. More will follow in due time. I have also merged some of the categories. This is the start of a larger restructuring of the pages, as the increasing amount of articles is making the whole thing more difficult to navigate and I want to do something about that.

Happy new year! I wrote five tactics articles during the holidays (about artillery, chariots, fast cavalry, goblin infantry and snotlings), which I have now uploaded. In addition I have updated the O&G questions article with stuff from the new official FAQ.

Okay, so the very last update this year is an update of the old game and army book release list. Now go have yourself a merry little christmas!

The probably last edition of this year is another homegrown unit, Barbarian Ogres and a set of rules for multiplayer battles. Happy christmas!

Finally I have also managed to finish my article on common Goblin Units and Characters. It only took me a month and a half too!

A slight update - I have converted the old Orcs & Gobbos Core unit gallery to php and added pics of my latest units of converted Night Goblins. Aren't they cute? On the downside, I have decided to remove the pics of the older units, at least until I get around to rebasing them and updating them to match the new look of my army.

As promised, I have added three new types of Ogre characters, the Tribal Elder, the Slaver and the Yhetee Frostbringer. A couple of extra units will follow in a week or so.

Hot on the heels of the Sabretusks come the Cave Bear. After this I have plans to scribble up three new units and one new character for the Ogres, which I have yet to finish.

Busy times at the moment (I'm painting Night Goblins), so I had just about time to write up some old suggested rules for Sabretusk Packs. I have a handful of other ideas for new Ogre units as well, which I should be able to get up in the not too distant future.

I've got a WIP gallery script up and running and testing it out on my Ogres.

I have added a lengthy and hopefully useful article aimed at people who are just starting out and wondering how they can be as successful as I am, entitled simply 'How to win'. I am currently working on no less than three other tactics articles, so there should be more in the coming couple of weeks.

As promised, a bit about Trolls in the Misc. Big Stuff article as well as a script that lets you compare the various equipment combos Orc Boyz can have when facing a variety of opponenets. I've also added a little counter at the bottom of the page (after six and a half years it was probably about time), which was partly based on a big from (great site) and partly homegrown.

Having had great experience with fielding a pair of single Trolls in my greenskin army, I thought I'd write an article on the uses of small monsters (okay, so a Troll is a large infantryman and not a small monsters, but a single large infantryman works in the same way as small monsters do).

While I was at it, I thought I might also add a little page listing all the vaguenesses I have found in the O&G army book.

Hot on the heels of the last update I now present a review of the latest version of the O&G army book.

An article on the shortcomings of Orc & Goblin archery has been added after several tries to get anything out of these units using the new list have all met in failure

Another little game - Bang! I have two more mini-games planned, Gnoblar Pig Jousting and Ogre Bull Fighting ant then I'll do some fixing on the picture galleries, which are largely out of order at the moment. I'll add in more PHP code there as well and hopefully automate the thing to make updating easier.

Yet another update, hot on the heels on the previous. This time it's another game concerned with splatting greenskins, Runtspike. Watch out for rules for the games Bang! and Gnoblar Pig Jousting in the near future.

Added the second version of Snotling Pump Wagon Rally, a really old game I have now updated with some rules from Gorkamorka. The core part of the update is now done, with a lot more PHP code running quietly in the background. Amongst other things it should make updating stuff later a lot simpler.

Added a little game called Git Tossing. Working on an overhaul of the site at the moment, so there are probably a lot of stuff that doesn't work.

Added lengthy article on Ogre Kingdoms basics, plus a list of suggested changes to the Ogre army.

Added a little article on Ogre Tyrants (don't you just love 'em). I'm planning a starter article on Ogre basics for newbies at the moment, which may or may not be my last ogre article in a while.

An article on Gut Magic should round out my ogre tactics articles for a while, I think. Also added more sample army lists.

Even more tactics articles, one on various big stuff (mainly from the Ogre army so far), another listing some hopefully useful and not too obvious tactics, an old article I wrote on ogre weapon options which I recently discovered and finished and a few sample ogre army lists.

Another update already. This time a couple of tactics articles, one on ogre units and characters and one on the uses of gnoblar fighters.

My local store has received a copy of the Battle for Skull Pass (and there was much rejoicing!). Thus I have added a general 7th edition review plus a run down of the updated lores in the rulebook. Check also out my random Ogre Tyrant generator (at one point I thought about a random Ogre army generator, but sanity hit me before I could actually write the code).

To be honest there has been heaps of updates lately, I just haven't written them up properly. Have a look around!

Added a picture section. Hopefully it will soon feature a plethora of pix of my minis.

Back from holiday and coming sixth in the unofficial norwegian Fantasy battles tournament (go me!). I've been playing quite a bit against my brother's Lizardmen (mostly winning, heh heh) and I have two new scenarios and a scenario table for you all. I'm also currently working on a simple campaign generator which should hopefully be up soon.

More much needed cleaning up of code all over the place. Notice how all the pages are now min-calmingly green instead of eye-shattering yellow and green? Have updated the Releases section and the Sculptors section and added another scenario.

Some more updating here and there, a new scenario (King of the Hill) and some other stuff. Also a general and much needed clean up of the html code on many of the pages. I'm also experimenting with a new background pattern and a new header image.

I did a bit on my view of what should be done with the army book (apart from adding some fluff!) when the time comes around to updating it, some experimental advanced rules and a review of the available magic items.

More scenario stuff.

More stuff. I've uploaded the scenario page and the Fluffiness test.

Whoa! A year and a 'alf an' no updatez. Funny 'ow time flies when yer bashin humies, eh? Anywayze, wot we 'ave now got 'ere is da really really amazin Design Roolz, wot lets ya design any unit ya ever wanted (well, almost), such as Black Orc Boar Boy Big 'Uns (ded 'ard!). I iz also making der page more readable (for dose ovv yer wot can read, which is not a lot, I'll bet).

Anudder update, now that I've finished my exams. As you may have noticed we've moved to Portent, where I hope we'll stay for a looooong time. This time I've finally got around to finishing all the reviews that I didn't do while the site was down as well as two new songs, starting a new story and some other bitz.

OK, so at the moment it does NOT look like we're going to have an update every other week. It looks like we're going to have an update every now and then. This week we have the first articles by newly appointed Vice-warboss Gnashfang Irontooth (Iain) who has secretly been helping me for months and who I can thank for even having a website (he rescued an impressive ammount of files after the Tragic Incident Last November). It's a very funny story and an article about himself (which is also quite funny). Give him a warm welcome!
Personally I've been working on the reviews of minis and I only have two issues to do before I'm up to date again. I've also uploaded the Bikini Song which I seem to have forgotten last week.

It looks like we're going to have an update every other week or so (that's the plan at the moment, anyway). This time I've restored one of the games, one of the recipes and added another song. Not quite orcy, perhaps, but I hope you'll like it.

After nearly a month of not doing anything I've written something again. I've restored the songs and written a new lore article (introducing Gogul, the orc god of death). Expect a new update in a couple of weeks with some resored games etc. Happy Easter!

As of today 'We Iz Orcs' is back online. We had some serious troubles when our old server went down at the same time as my hard disk crashed, losing tons of irreplacable data, but we'll get over it.

This week sees the start of a slightly new layout to the page. Instead of just linking the articles to the main page each category will have sub-page with more info about the articles, something I missed with the former layout. To make things easier I will also have links to all the sixth edition articles from the main page. Apart from that I've updated a couple of articles for 6th edition and written a couple of new ones.

I've decided to do the weekly updates on Tuesdays instead of Sundays, since it usually ends up being Tuesdays anyway. This week I've only done the reviews on the new minis this month, but I did a lot there so anyway... Snow has now officially fallen here in Orctown, late Monday night when I was going home from an AD&D session (all the players play orcs - expect something on this soon) there were undoubtedly a few flakes of snow falling. The melted the moment they touched the ground but it was snow in October.

OK, this week's update is a little late (I was going to do the updates on Sundays but I was playing Blood Bowl and Warhammer Roleplay all Sunday so I didn't have the time and then I forgot all about it), so late in fact that this is _last_ week's update. I've uploaded yet another game (the last one I have finished), something new I call Calculations and I've finally finished the Morkheim story. I have some ideas for other stories but that will be a while. I picked up the new Orc & Goblin army book on Monday (boy, was I one happy orc that day) and I'll bring a review of that sometime soon.


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