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Setting up a Campaign Map

Hardened Veterans

by Avian

Veteran status adds variation by differentiation between those who have excelled in battle and those who are simply highly trained and well equipped by their masters.


Gaining Veteran status

After each victory you may promote one of your units to Hardened Veterans. In the case of a draw each player may promote one unit each. Note which unit is promoted down on your roster sheet. To be eligible for Veteran status a unit must have captured and held an enemy standard at the end of the battle and must have finished the battle with at least half of its original numbers remaining. If none of your units fulfill these requirements you may not promote a unit.
Characters, swarms and units consisting of a single model may not gain Veteran status.


Losing Veteran status

Unless a unit is completely wiped out or is reduced to below 25% of its original numbers and fleeing at the end of a battle a unit retains its Veteran status for the remainder of the tournament.


Veteran bonuses

A Veteran unit may use ONE of the following bonuses ONCE per battle. In all cases you may choose to use the bonus after you have rolled. Units which retain their Veteran staus over several battles may choose to use a different bonus in each battle if they want.


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