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Squig Herd options

Gnoblar Trapper options options

by Avian

This is a little snippet containing suggestions for additional options that could be added to an existing unit that doesn't have all that many of them to begin with. It is the second part in my series of short articles of modifications to existing units, modifications that I realise perfectly well would be too extensive to ever end up in an army book. In this case the ideas come from the fact that the Gnoblar Trappers currently don't actually trap anything at all, which seems a bit odd. Thus little little suggestion, based partly on the background and partly on the models.


Gnoblar Trapper options

Add the following options to the unit entry for Gnoblar Trappers in the Ogre Kingdoms army book:


Explanation of special rules

Sneaky snares: After deploying the Trappers, place a spare 3" template so that it is touching one or more of the Trappers. The template may not cover any friendly models and must be placed at least 6" away from the closest enemy unit. Leave the template in place until the snares are triggered, then remove it. Any unit that moves onto the snare template immediately takes D6 hits with a Strength equal to half the roll of an Artillery dice, distributed as missile hits. If a Misfire is rolled the snares do no damage. Models flying over the template will not trigger the snares.

Mantraps: A unit of Trappers may use its mantraps the first time they are charged, but only if they choose to hold or stand and shoot. One charging unit, chosen by the Ogre player, takes D6 Strength 4 hits with the Killing Blow special rule, distributed as missile hits. The hits are resolved when the charging unit is 1" away from the Trappers.

Cunning disguises: Immediately before deploying the Trappers, select one enemy unit that must take a normal Leadership test. If the test is passed, the Trappers' "cunning" disguises are seen through and have no effect. If the test is failed, the Trappers may be deployed in one of two ways: either as normal for Scouts, but with no minimum distance between them and the enemy, or place them in sight of the enemy (even in the open), but more than 10" away from them. In either case they must be deployed closer to the enemy unit that failed the Leadership test than to any other enemy unit.


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