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Greenskin Weapons (6th ed.)

Sabretusk Packs

by Avian

The idea for this unit is not mine, and instead something Phil Kelly (the author of the Ogre Kingdoms army book) mentioned in an interview that he would like to have included in the list. My originally suggestion was to simply allow players to field units of Sabretusks following all the normal rules, but there were a lot of protests against this as people wanted more special rules. In addition there was demand for a champion Sabretusk. This revised version of the rules includes both.

Dany: During the Ogre Kingdoms army design process, were there any unit ideas that didn't make it through to the final book?
Phil: Sabertusk pack (fast cavalry unit simular to the VC wolfs). Skewerluncher (which he explain to be a big bolt thower). (He also talked about he would of like to have the hunter move and shoot with the bolt thrower but it wasn't approved. He also said that the maneaters were a last minute thing he came up with)


Sabretusk Pack - Special unit

Occasionally a more feral Ogre Hunter will aquire dominance over a whole pack of wild Sabretusks and bring them into battle. Though they are powerful creatures, they are also nearly uncontrollable and only the Hunter can make them do his bidding.


Sabretusk Pack..................................................... Points/model: 25

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Sabretusk 8 4 - 4 4 2 4 3 4
Alpha Male 8 4 - 4 4 2 4 4 6

You cannot have more Sabretusk Packs in your army than you have Ogre Hunters.

Unit size: 5+

Weapons & Armour: Very sharp teeth (count as a hand weapon)


Special rules:
Cause Fear, Fast Cavalry, Bad Tempered, Not Ogres, Beastly


Explanation of special rules

Cause Fear: See p. 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Fast Cavalry: See p. 70 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Bad Tempered: See p. 45 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Not Ogres: Sabretusks are not Ogres and thus do not have the Bull Charge or Ogre Club special rules and cannot be augmented by Gut Magic. Sabretusk Packs may not be joined by characters.

Beastly: Sabretusk Packs may not use the Leadership of the army General if within 12" of him and may not re-roll Break tests if within 12" of the Army Battle Standard. Instead, if a Sabretusk Pack is within 6" of a friendly Ogre Hunter they will use his Leadership for all purposes.


Misc. stuff

As an option (I personally find it more appropriate), you might also appy the Bad Tempered and Beastly rules to a Hunter's Sabretusks, though Bad Tempered should only apply in later rounds after they have been released.


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