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Borgut Facebeater

by Avian

Since the new army book made being affected by the spell Gork'll Fix It a disadvantage, Borgut has not really worked well as a special character. Here is my relatively minor suggestion for upgrading him to 7th edition. It removes the ridiculous discount on Big 'Uns (which would be even more ridiculous with the increased cost) and aims to make his rules clearer and more fitting. I must admit that I never really understood why he benefited from the old Gork'll Fix It rule and I have a suspicion that it was a typo and meant to be the Bash 'em Ladz spell instead. For this incarnation of his rules, I thought it more fitting if he was affected by a sort of new Gork'll Fix It spell in reverse, which basically boosts his chance of hitting, wounding and saving by one. I also dropped the little rule that let him use a normal choppa with a magical axe, as I didn't think it was worth the bother and also trimmed away a lot of clunky stuff on the Facebeater rule (each time I see a special rule of the "can move immoveable objects" type I get an urge to mail them cow dung as this just creates more trouble than it is worth and the writer should know that).


Borgut Facebeater - Hero

Borgut is Grimgor Ironhide's right-hand Orc and Grimgor trusts him as far as any greenskin trusts another. Borgut seems Grimgor as the incarnation of Gork and is absolutely loyal to his idol.

Borgut Facebeater is a Black Orc Big Boss. The army may only include a single Borgut Facebeater.


Borgut Facebeater................................................ Points/model: 170

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Borgut Facebeater 4 5 3 5 5 2 3 3 9

Wargear: 'Ardlad's Choppas o' Doom & heavy armour

Special rules:
Quell Animosity; The Facebeater


Explanation of special rules

Borgut Facebeater is an infantry model, should be on a 25 mm base and has a unit Strength of 1. He is a greenskin and a Black Orc for all intents and purposes. Note that Borgut is not Armed to da Teef, due to having a pair of magical weapons.

Quell Animosity: See page 20 of the Orcs & Goblins army book.

'Ardlad's Choppas o' Doom
The bearer of the Choppas o' Doom is protected by Gork, though this protection is not always complete, something Borgut proved when he killed their previous owner and took them for himself.
Counts as two choppas. Any of the bearer's To Hit, To Wound, armour or Ward save rolls of 1 are counted as being 6s. This also affects the Facebeater special attack. Should the unit he is with be affected by the spell Gork'll Fix It, cast by an enemy Shaman, Borgut will not be affected, even if the other members of his unit is.

The Facebeater: If Borgut fights in a challenge, then at the start of the first round of close combat in that challenge, Borgut may make an additional special attack which has the Always strikes first rule (see p. 94 of the Warhammer Rulebook), smashing his thick orcy forehead into the enemy. Roll to hit and wound normally. If the attack inflicts a wound on the enemy model (after saves), he/she/it is reduced to WS1 for the rest of that close combat phase. If this mighty 'eadbutt kills his opponent, Borgut must still make his remaining attacks to calculate overkill for the purposes of combat resolution.
Borgut's phenomenally thick skull also grants him a 6+ Ward save.


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