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Gnoblar Units and Characters

Greenskin Weapon Effectiveness

by Avian

This page lets you calculate the effectiveness of the orcish weapons against (pretty much) any foe you like.
Note that weapons that have a 'one use only' effect, or those which do not actually make it easier to kill people are not shown here.


Your guy

Weapon Skill


The victim(s)

Weapon Skill
Armour save
Ward save

Choose your weapons

Hand weapon
Choppa (when charging)
Spear (when mounted and charging)
Additional hand weapon
Great weapon
Biting Blade
Sword of Might
Sword of Battle
Sword of Striking
Akk'rit Axe
Porko's Pigstikka (when mounted and charging)
Club of Fumpin
Sword of Hackin'
Big Axe of Bashin'
Club of Crumpin'
Cleaver of Cleavage
Battleaxe of the last Waaagh!

Show odds of hitting, wounding, and so on

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Note that a character charging with a choppa or a spear (if mounted) do the same damage as one with a Sword of Might.


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