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Info on Various Sculptors

by Avian

Info on the various sculptors employed by GW. As with a lot of my other pages, it should be considered permanently WIP.


Tim Adcock

Makes war machines. Also did a bit on the Dark Eldar for 40K and made the new Space Marine Rhino and the Tau grav tank.

Dave Andrews

Makes war machines.

Mark Bedford

Also did a lot of the tyranids for 40K.

Shame on him for making those incredibly stupid looking "savage" orcs when Alex Hedström would have done a much better job at it.

Juan Diaz

Some of the new Tyranids and the 40K Daemon Prince.

Colin Dixon

Also did a lot of the old dwarfs together with Aly Morrison, Michael Perry and Norman Swales.

Chris FitzPatrick

Jes Goodwin

Also did some of the old skaven that are still used

Did most of the plastic vehicles for 40K, including the new Dreadnought, Falcon. Also some Space Marines.

Colin Grayson

Mark Harrison

Also did some of the new tyranids for 40K .

Alex Hedström

Shane Hoyle

Some of the new Tyranids.

Gary Morley

Aly Morrison

Did a whole lot of older stuff including Chaos Space Marines, Dwarfs, the old (ugly) plastic high elves, wood elves, some other chaos things including daemons, and a lot of the old undead.

Trish Morrison

Makes almost all of the animals and monsters: Bat swarms, Dire Wolves,

Paul Muller

Did the old chaos cultists for 40K (people starved half to death seems to be his specialty). Is now working for Wizards of the Coast designing Star Wars miniatures.

Brian Nelson

Also did the Kroot for 40K

Alan Perry

Michael Perry

Can't sculpt faces :-)

Norman Swales

Makes war machines. Did most of the old dwarf war machines


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